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Jadeja & Cimone’s immigration law practice has three focus areas: Deportation/Removal Defense, Humanitarian Applications, and Family-Based Petitions. Through our work in these areas, we help clients to obtain Employment Authorization, Lawful Permanent Residency (Green Cards), or US Citizenship.

Deportation/Removal Defense

We defend people who are at risk of being deported to their countries of origin. Our goal in Federal Immigration Court is to secure the client’s right to remain in the United States by presenting the strongest and most compelling defense possible.

In deportation defense, the attorney must have a thorough understanding of available defenses and forms of relief, an intimate knowledge of the client’s personal history and positive equities, and a sound strategy for achieving success. Our ability to successfully defend our clients from deportation has been honed over thousands of Immigration Court hearings before Immigration Judges in New York and throughout the nation.

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Humanitarian Applications

We help people in need of shelter or aid from disasters, oppression, emergency medical issues, lack of parental care, and other urgent circumstances remain in the United States by accessing humanitarian protections offered by the U.S. Government. These protections are granted through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) or by order of a Federal Immigration Judge.

To win humanitarian protection, the applicant must paint a detailed picture of his or her personal history, and make a compelling case for why she or he cannot return to their country of origin. This can be a difficult process for people who have experienced significant trauma, hardship, and/or persecution. In such cases, our attorneys are trained to be patient, thorough, and supportive of the client’s needs. Most importantly, our applications are effective: the best support that we can offer our clients is to win their case, and earn them the legal right to remain safely in the United States.

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Family-Based Petitions

We help green card holders and US citizens petition for their family members to live lawfully in the United States. These opportunities are granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), and available to qualifying family members living both inside and outside of the U.S.

This is the work of reuniting families, and ensuring that they can remain together. Cases of this type can be highly sophisticated, especially those which require consular processing or certain types of waivers. As well, they require great attention to detail, as petitions are routinely delayed, rejected, or denied for being inaccurate or incomplete. Our attorneys take the time to ensure that our clients’ petitions include correct information and are well-supported by evidence. All family-based petitions are reviewed two, and sometimes three, times for quality before they are submitted.

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